The East Tennessean/ETSU won a first-place 2016-17 Pinnacle Award in the Writing category in Breaking News Story for David Floyd’s and Alexia Stewart’s coverage of a protester interrupting a Black Lives Matter event on Borchuck Plaza, covered by the East Tennessean in September 2016.

Floyd, who served as East Tennessean executive editor for 2016-17, graduated in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Media & Communication. Stewart was social media editor and general assignment writer for the East Tennessean. She is a senior in the Department of Media and Communication.

The Pinnacle Awards are a national competition held each year by the College Media Association (CMA is an organization with over 800 members from coast to coast) to “honor the best college media organizations and individual work. The contest is open to student work produced for any college media organization, including print, broadcast and online outlets, during an academic year.”

The award winners were announced at the College Media Association’s Fall National Convention in Dallas on Oct. 27.