Recently ETSU advanced ETSU President Dr. Brian Noland’s goal to enhance the university’s commitment to teaching excellence by opening a new Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) in Room 441 in the Sherrod Library.

This center provides faculty with tools and collaborative opportunities among colleagues to increase their ability to successfully teach within the class room.

The center was opened at the recommendation of a panel of faculty appointed by Noland known as “the teaching work group” who, as part of their platform to enhance teaching excellence, advocated for the CTE to operate as an administrative hub for this effort.

Since the inception of the program, several events have already taken place as part of this initiative. On Oct. 29, Anthony Ray Hinton presented a lecture entitled “American Justice: Mercy, Humanity and Making a Difference.” Also, on Nov. 3 a workshop called “Applied Theatre Techniques for Teaching” was offered. In the future, CTE will host a Conference on High-impact Instructional Practices on Jan. 8, 2018.

The CTE also offers faculty a book club, a faculty learning community, help with course design and individual consultations.

According to a press release, Dr. Josh Reid, assistant professor of English and member of the CTE Advisory Board, is excited by the opportunities this center offers.

“The Center for Teaching Excellence is one of the most promising developments I have seen since I started at ETSU,” Reid said. “I am eager to learn high-impact strategies for student learning from the center’s diverse programming.”

Ultimately the center and the programs run by the center will offer faculty ways to expand their ideas of teaching and learn better strategies for student engagement. Collaboration with faculty from other departments will offer those involved a broader understanding of the many ways teaching can be maximized.

If you would like to learn more about the Center for Teaching Excellence at ETSU you can visit