Because of recent technological advancements allowing humanity to constantly be connected throughout the day, people frequently find themselves spending hours in the realm of media. From people regularly checking the posts and thoughts of other individuals, media can pose a variety of problems that humanity fails to contemplate daily.

When looking at the marvelous days of your peers, how does that make you feel? Personally, a part of me feels as if I am in a constant struggle to compete with my friends over who has the liveliest day, and this can continually tear down a person’s self-esteem. Ridiculously, people fail to live their own life and instead wallow in the activities of others.

People need to make a drastic change in the way they view social media. Have you ever noticed a person fill their social media page with their most boring day when they simply sit on the couch and do nothing? Absolutely not. Everyone has boring days, including those whose social media seems to always be filled with exciting activities. Truly, your day does not need to be as exciting as your friend’s posts who fabricated their day to make it seem more enjoyable.

Without the emerging popularity of social media, I find that many individuals would be more comfortable in living their own lives. Due to the constant reminder of what others are doing through the media, people, commonly teenagers, develop insecurities revolving around the need to be connected constantly.

Perhaps, it is time to simply set down the phone for a while and live your own life. Your social media page simply does not reflect any nature or comprehensive description of your life; it is merely a scrap of one’s life that can be modified and molded into what you want others to see.

If your self-esteem is daily affected by social media’s tendency to cause people to obsess over other’s lives, it is time to reevaluate how you are using these programs. Indeed, social media was not created to constantly compare oneself to others, but rather to connect to others. Constantly criticizing oneself brings an individual farther away from social media’s purpose and lowers self-esteem. Nobody deserves to be lowered in morale by the exaggerated reality people portrays themselves as living through the media.