In a recent project held by the Black Affairs Association, students have had the opportunity to examine and explore the harsh reality of hate crimes in America through Project Gray.

Located at the campus Amphitheater until Friday, Project Gray visually presents how many individuals are affected by these personal attacks with flags staked in the ground throughout the area.

President of the Black Affairs Associations Jeremiah Pearson said, “Each flag represents 500 people effected by hate crimes. We hope this opens people’s eyes to the fact hate crimes are implemented on all cultures and races.”

The idea of Project Gray originated last year from the Black Affairs Association’s executive board following the Borchuck Plaza incident. After a student interrupted and harassed others as they peacefully rallied for the Black Lives Matter movement, the organization knew something had to be done to bring more awareness to the subject of hate crimes.

“We created Project Gray to bring light to not only hate crimes, but the amount of hate that is in the world,” Pearson said.

This event is one that gets students talking. Conversations on ethnicity, beliefs and culture are subliminally suggested through Project Gray in hopes of beginning to bring students together.

“When you come to college, you want to experience new things,” Pearson said. “This includes being exposed to different cultures, religions and race you aren’t used to.”

The Black Affairs Association hopes to communicate an overall message of unity and understanding of all cultures through this event. Project Gray is an event every student should experience so we can come together to help address this grey area.