Spontaneously deciding to play a recreational sport pick-up game is no longer a hassle thanks to the ETSU app “Pick Up and Play.”

The app was created by ETSU graduating senior Arshene Baigvand. According to Baigvand, the app, which is available for download at the app store for both android and iPhone, “brings people together to play pick-up games based on their location, sport and when they want to play.”

Baigvand enjoys playing recreational sport pick-up games but disliked how unorganized the original method of setting up a pick-up game was. Originally one would use Facebook, group messaging and phone calling to set up a pick-up game. Baigvand said that “it felt like a job trying to organize a game.”

This problem became more apparent when Baigvand studied abroad in Thailand. He stated that “games were harder to find” in Thailand due to a cultural divide and lack of consistency.

This problem lead him to thoughts of how the process could become more cohesive. After discussing ideas with his friends and family, he decided that an app would be a great solution.

He brought his app idea to the ETSU’s innovation and entrepreneurship competition, iBucs, and won first place. He encourages students to participate in the iBucs competition because it’s a great opportunity.

Baigvand plans on expanding the app’s audience while keeping its function focused on scheduling pick-up games. He also plans on updating the app monthly and appreciates users negative feedback because that will make the app better

One of his visions for the app is a person flying into a new area, dropping their bags at their hotel, pulling up the ‘Pick Up and Play’ app on their phone, finding a game nearby playing a game with complete strangers and once the game is finished that group of strangers become friends.

In other word he wants his app to encourage its users to bond with new people over similar interests.

For more information about the “Pick Up and Play” app, contact Baigvand at pickupandplayapp@gmail.com.