A new Christian group will know this week if their application has been approved to be an official student organization at East Tennessee State University. The Constitution set in place for the club had minor amendments, but it looks as though ETSU can expect an official apologetics club forming soon.

The newly created Christian Apologetics Club was formed halfway through this semester. It is an organization at ETSU that strives to present historical, reasoned and evidential bases for Christianity while defending it against objections.

Oren Peterson is the founder and president of the club.

“The club was created because we feel that there are those in our community who are wrestling with life’s toughest questions and often feel the answers and are intrigued by what Christians believe and why they believe it,” Peterson said. “The Christian Apologetics Club’s goal is to facilitate discussion, between believers and skeptics alike, about topics concerning the Christian worldview and how one does not have to be intellectually lazy to believe in the truth revealed in the Bible and through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

For anyone wanting to join the club, Peterson explained that it is a relatively simple process.

“To join just come to a few meetings and tell us you want to be a member! We’re super laid back and just want to muse with anyone, believer or not,” Peterson said.

No membership fees were mentioned for anyone wanting to join.

ETSU currently has multiple faith based groups on campus. To name a few, this includes 11:58 Ministries, Adoration Life and Adventist Collegiate Fellowship.

For anyone wanting more information about the Christian Apologetics Club, you can contact Peterson at petersono@etsu.edu. For more information on similar organizations at ETSU, go to http://www.etsu.edu/students/sorc/organizations.

If the club becomes official, flyers will also be seen on campus for anyone wanting more details.