Classical music ethusiasts gathered together on Friday night to hear the pianist group Duo Amadeae perfrom a selection of classical music.

The group Duo Amadeae consists of ETSU faculty member Dr. Esther Park and her sister Sun-a Park. The two sisters have been rehearsing as Duo Amadeae for a long time.

“Ever since we formed in 2014, when I first got here we’ve been basically working on different repertoire because there’s just so much,” said Park.

The concert was split into two parts. For the first half, Sun-a Park played a selection of classical music on her own, which included pieces by Ludwig Van Beethoven and Franz Liszt. After a brief intermission, Dr. Park joined her sister on stage to play pieces by Franz Schubert, Samuel Barber and Felix Mendelssohn. Dr. Park played the lighter notes on one side of the piano while Sun-a played the notes on the middle and lower end of the piano.

“I guess I’ve been playing piano 26 years then, because I’m four years younger than her,” Sun-a Park said.

“My sister asked me to step in for a concert because there had been a slight change of plans, so I obliged because I needed to run through my solo program. Also, playing with my sister is really fun.”

Dr. Park said she had been playing piano for 30 years and that this is her fourth year teaching at ETSU. She also said that her favorite piece she played was the musical selection by Barber, because it has very different characters and wonderful pieces.

Both Dr. Park and Sun-a played the selected pieces with passion and expertise, earning a standing ovation from the audience at the end of the concert.

“This venue is really intimate,” Sun-a Park said. “I could feel the emotions as I’m playing with the audience. I feel like sometimes they’re suspended with me and breathing with me.”