Soft chorales of winter classics swirled through the air at this year’s Holiday Lights Ceremony.

The chilly temperature paired well with the sweet hot drinks and sugarcoated cookies being served.

Before the ceremony began the student body president, Keyana Miller, expressed that her biggest fret that night was the lights not turning on. Thankfully, when the countdown ended the campus glowed in an array of colors.

Students from the University School, Little Bucs and Child Study Center were alongside the ETSU students, faculty and staff at the ceremony.

 “This is an amazing turn out, I love to see families and kids because it’s something that our faculty, staff and their families can be a part of rather than it just being something for students,” stated Miller.

This Holiday Light’s Ceremony is the third one for ETSU student Justin Dabi.

“I’m happy to be surrounded by a lot of happy people and some of the friends I have met throughout the semester,” stated Dabi as he held a cup of hot chocolate.

During the event a special visitor appeared on campus. Santa Claus, that’s right the man from the North Pole himself, arrived early this year. His appearance brought cheer to the children who were eager to take photos with him.

This Holiday Lights Ceremony is the first for ETSU student George Mitchell.

“It’s nice to see them doing something like this because they could have just not done anything at all,” said Mitchell.

The Holiday Lights Ceremony began four years ago and ETSU President Dr. Brian Noland was happy to once again be celebrating with fellow faculty and students. 

 “Tonight’s a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity for people to come together for no reason other than to celebrate ETSU and to celebrate the holidays,” Noland said.

The Holiday Lights will be lighting up campus every night until the month of January. So, be sure to step outside to witness their beauty for yourself!