School’s not out forever!

ETSU’s Adult, Commuter and Transfer Services (A.C.T.S) held a “Drop-in” for adult students on Nov. 10 and 11.

The event was held at the Alumni House on 908 W. Maple St. A.C.T.S Director Carla Warner helped design the event in order to establish what she calls a “low-key informative session for any prospective adult students.”

Warner explains there is a strong need for issuing information to adults who want to return to school and most importantly, adult students who want to attend ETSU.

Since the process of applying and registering for college is a daunting one, not to mention eternally questing ETSU’s campus, which is often lengthy and prone to eliciting discouragement, A.C.T.S has provided a golden opportunity for prospective students that didn’t just graduate from high school.

ETSU has a very diverse student base in terms of students that qualify as “non-traditional.”

“There are around 600 veteran students, close to 1,800 adult students and a large number of transfer students as well.,” said Warner.

A.C.T.S. assists these students in preparing for college, whether they are returning to ETSU, transferring from another school or perhaps taking their first steps towards college altogether.

The “Drop-in” incorporated multiple departments at ETSU in order to deliver a convenient, consolidated chance for non-traditional students to learn the ropes of the college entrance experience.

“The event is a very obligation-free time to just come in and talk with someone from Admissions, Financial Aid and one of the advisors from our specific adult degree programs,” Warner said.

The benefits for non-tradition students are out there. If you or someone you know who would fit into this category is considering pursuing a degree at ETSU, then you/they should be aware of the Reconnect Scholarship.

As Warner explains, the scholarship is “an incentive award,” which means that students that meet the criteria listed on ETSU’s website under the title “Tennessee Reconnect + Complete” can apply for a grant through the college.

While you’re weighing the possibilities on your own, you can ease some of the anxiety of applying for school or scholarships by contacting A.C.T.S. by phone at (423) 439-5641, by emailing or stop by in person in the A.C.T.S. office located on the second floor of the D.P. Culp University Center.