The Houston Astros officially made a name for themselves this year. World Series 113 was claimed by the Astros for the first time in Houston’s history.

The series was a cat-and-mouse situation with each team almost alternating wins. The Dodgers put up quite a scuffle, but the Astros pulled it out in the last game of the series.

After a long successful season for Houston, ETSU alumnus Daniel Roberts reflects on his contributions as Assistant Athletic Trainer for the team in a press release from University Relations.

Roberts graduated from ETSU’s physical therapy program in 2008. He began working with the Astros’ minor league organization in Florida in 2011 as a rehab coordinator. He was brought to Houston’s major league team two years ago. His job is to attend to the Astros’ team members, also known as “family” to Roberts, who are suffering from various injuries.

“It has been all about trying to keep everyone healthy throughout this thing,” Roberts said. “We played 180 games this season and by that last series; everybody was running on fumes.”

“We provide them with treatment, corrective exercises, things like that. It is super hectic and all over the place,” said Roberts.

I’m sure that with a season like the Astros just finished, beating the Red Sox 3-1 in the first round of the playoffs, not to mention a 4-0 victory against the Yankees and altogether breaking Major League records by winning three different division titles, Roberts had his work cut out for him.

“It was a very surreal experience, winning the World Series,” Roberts said. “There are no words to truly describe it. We’re right there in the clubhouse with those guys as part of the celebration. Seeing our guys succeed at what they love is amazing.”

With a World Series Championship ring on his finger, Roberts has an even bigger future ahead of him. He has just accepted a position as an athletic trainer and physical therapist for the Memphis Grizzlies.

“That is home for my wife, and it is only three hours from my hometown in Kentucky,” Roberts said. “It is an opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up, so we are busy packing our things and getting ready to move,” Roberts said.

Rachel, Roberts’ wife, is also an alumnus of the physical therapy program at ETSU. They met while attending the college.

The success that Daniel Roberts has made is an inspirational message to any and all of ETSU’s physical therapy students. Furthermore, when the semester is cracking down and you feel like all of your efforts are fruitless, don’t fret. One day, you could be the one standing beside the team that wins the World Series.