Learning a second language can be a huge step in increasing thought process by allowing a person to view the world through a different lens.

Generally, many people state they have a strong desire at some point in their life to learn a second language, but they are hesitant to begin the process or simply don’t know where to start.

Due to my positive experiences with the classes at ETSU, if you have open class time slots in your schedule, exploring the language classes offered here is a fantastic way to begin your journey.

For those unable to allot time for a specific class, another approach is to buy a textbook/workbook from Amazon or any used book store and commit to teaching yourself. Through engaging in various book exercises, it is
surprising how much a person can learn simply from taking 30 minutes to practice daily.

There are also many technological apps that can quiz and teach the basics to learn certain beginner and intermediate skills of a varying language.

One example would be an app called DuoLingo. Through this app, you pick how much time you want to put into your study of the language, and then it will daily remind you to practice your skills for that day or week. It is a great, easy and free way to learn the essentials of a varying language.

But what are the benefits to learning a new language?

When learning an alternative language, studies show the process behind grasping a foreign language provides benefits including heightened memory, intelligence and concentration. Additionally, it improves an individual’s critical thinking skills and allows magnified creativity.

Overall, the process can administer a person with a variety of skills desired by almost all jobs involving some form of group cooperation, whether it be working with a large or limited number of individuals.

Through one of the three methods I have described, why not commit to advance your overall intelligence through learning a second language? Indeed, it could have a profound impact on your mental health through an assortment of positive outcomes and drastically change the way you encounter problems from day to day.