Surprisingly, the Thanksgiving season is already upon us, and many people find themselves apprehensive over this time of reflection and arriving back together for gatherings with family and friends.

One staple of this festive holiday is piecing together what you are thankful for and perhaps reaching out to people that have been neglected of your gratitude. Truly, it is a time to make amends and reinstate friendships lost for various reasons.

While Thanksgiving represents a healthy, influential celebration of coming together and sharing food and other formalities, I perceive that many people dread the season due to the possibility of having to express unwanted feelings and potentially apologize for past events and wrongdoings that have separated friendships. In many ways, this limits what Thanksgiving should truly reflect.

Indeed, the holiday should not only be the only day out of the year in which you express your thankfulness. In contrast, it should be a time to celebrate the accumulation of the daily steps you personally seized throughout the year approaching Thanksgiving to be thankful and connect with lost friends and family.

With viewing this holiday as a daily reminder for the goodness you have achieved throughout the year in comparison to one day to be cheerful and thankful, people would overall have a healthier approach to Thanksgiving and be more willing to pursue the goodness of this celebration. So, if this holiday has turned into the one day in which you implement an attitude you should be maintaining throughout the entire year, make Thanksgiving Day a time of being overwhelmed by positivity present in your life, and use that zeal to be influential daily in the lives of your close friends and family.

Considering people’s constant expression of unhappiness and disappointment for numerous reasons, what would happen if people decided to simply stop and consider the possible, positive nature of his holiday? Truly, I find that many people would be surprised of how their viewpoint on the world and their life might be affected involving this time of the year.

Make your normal routine on Thanksgiving Day a period of gratitude and restfulness that continues throughout the year, not just for one day.