Even with being at college for just a year and a half, I constantly hear people talking about their interest in studying abroad. It seems as if everyone desires the ability to get away, travel and explore new opportunities. College is truly the perfect time to pursue this.

ETSU offers a broad range of opportunities ranging from place, time and class option for your study abroad experience, and almost all people can find a specific location or class offered that could massively benefit or influence one’s career choice.


Studies show that there are many advantages to studying abroad, including a wide variety of personal and academic benefits. From exploring new places, diving into a new culture and furthering one’s life experiences, studying abroad allows an individual to grow personally in their mindset for their career and self-development. In addition, people frequently report that their time studying elsewhere led them to new career opportunities, an advanced resume and possible internships. Overall, studying abroad provides a student with a new mindset they can carry to their career choice.


Now, even with the massive interest many individuals desire in studying abroad, all college students are apprehensive due to one particular difficulty: How much is it all going to cost. Surprisingly, if studying through one of the programs that ETSU offers, students will find a wide variety of scholarships are available that can massively cut one’s cost down up to hundreds of dollars. From talking to many people who have had this chance most college students desire, most of them declare that they received one or more of the many scholarships that allowed them to significantly cut down the price.


ETSU Study Abroad Coordinator Patricia “Pato” Lin-Steadman is fantastic in informing students of the many differing locations, classes and times of study and guiding an individual through the planning and application process. Even if it comes down to not being able to afford the cost at the end of planning, I find that it is still beneficial to consider the opportunity. Perhaps, you may find yourself in a part of the world you never expect where you learn certain skill sets you could never adopt in Johnson City, Tennessee.


With the ability of studying abroad to set apart one’s resume, provide an individual with personal growth and an experience they will never forget and the possibility to build connections and further one’s career, all students at ETSU should not only contemplate studying abroad, but look into the process and cost through possible scholarship chances.

Studying abroad is one of the few opportunities I hear that students never regret, and one that changes the way they view the world in an extremely positive manner.