This Wednesday the ETSU basketball team autographed posters, flags and t-shirts in the Charles C. Sherrod Library.

Dillion Reppart and Patrick Good were the two members of the team giving autographs. Reppart is a senior and his position is shooting guard, and Good is a sophmore who plays point-guard and shooting guard.

“I am proud to be a Buc,” said Reppart. “I am originally from Johnson City, and I have been watching ETSU ever since I was young.”

“I have been playing basketball since I was little, and it’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing,” said Good.

Both players are transfer students. Reppart transferred from Roan State while Good transferred from Appalachian State.

The event was coordinated by Calvin Claggett, who is the Coordinator of Marketing and Promotions for the ETSU Athletics. This event took place because it was an opportunity for the players to connect with their peers during Dead Week.

“The players want the students to be on board with what they have going on, and the players what to be involved with what the students have going on,” said Claggett.

Phyllis Cornnett, a senior social work major, came to the library to finish her final paper. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the basketball players were having an event.

“I have been following ETSU basketball since I became a student here,” Cornett said.

Similarly, Devin Boushack entered the library to test in the testing center. He stopped by the basketball stand to get a signed poster and flag for his stepfather.

Zach Finchum walked into the library for two reasons: to study for his nursing test and to warm up in the library. During Finchum’s freshman year, he cheered on the basketball team from the student section.

“It was a heckling section to cheer on the basketball team. We were a serious student section,” Finchum said.

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