In society, Christmas for many people is defined by who can accumulate the most items, give the best gifts, and decorate their house in the most blissful manner; however, if we were to truly evaluate our way of living over this holiday, we might engage in differing positive traditions. Instead of focusing on the process of gift giving, why not commit with a group of people to donate money or one’s time to a cause more needed than receiving one more personal item for brief amusement?


Now, I am not saying you should not get presents for family and friends. On the contrary, I am simply asking that you possess more of a desire to give money or your time to those in need in comparison to receiving for yourself. If we were to be honest, we do not require one more movie, video game, journal, or article of clothing.


People all over this country are rising in increasing need for basic living supplies while so many of us maintain a lifestyle filled with abundance and then use Christmas to contribute more to our overwhelming state of possession through more gifts received through the holiday. As a country, the least society could do would be to set its sights on those in need and provide for them in a way that could change one’s life through positively influencing the lives of others.


Interestingly, when a person decides to give to those in need, they obtain more satisfaction in comparison to receiving a present over the holidays from a family member or close friend. Since charitable acts are healthy for you as well as other individuals, why not donate some time or money to those that require assistance? Through the Internet, it is overwhelmingly easy today to give to a variety of organizations or research local volunteer opportunities that could benefit the lives of others just from you touching a few buttons on your computer.


Over the Christmas holiday, try to love not only your family and friends, but those that surround you from day to day many times neglected or unnoticed. Make Christmas about the well-being and needs of others.