In February of 2018, the town of Jonesborough, Tennessee, will be putting on a musical that brings together stories told by members of the town.

The musical is titled “I Am Home,” and it revolves around stories that were passed down orally to the younger generations of people in the Jonesborough area.

According to Director Jules Corriere, the play is about the town and the people of nearby Jonesborough. “The play ‘I Am Home’ is about the people of Jonesborough,” Corriere said. “It is based on oral stories gathered over a year long period of people all around Jonesborough. The stories go back to the town’s founding to the modern era, and they are based on real stories.”

Corriere said the cast is going to be very large with approximately 70 people within the cast, with the roles ranging from all ages and backgrounds. Furthermore, there will be five original songs.

Auditions for the performance were held earlier this week and this is the second time the town has put on this production.

During the first production, they spent about eight months or so gathering the stories which were then assembled into a script. The play was then performed in the McKenny Center. This time around the play will be performed in the newly renovated McKenny Center.

“We do have stories from all over the community. The McKenny Center used to be a segregated school,” Corriere said. “This building that once separated the community is now being used to bring people together through their stories and through art.”

“I Am Home” will be performed on Feb. 23, 24 and 25 as well as March 2, 3 and 4 at 7 p.m.