In graduate school, you see things a lot differently than you do in undergrad. The faculty and staff treat you differently as well. Almost overnight, it seems, you begin getting looked at as a “real” adult.  With this initiation, you finally get to see the other side of the coin. You get a glimpse of what the professional world really thinks about our generation and what qualities really stick out and which ones are frowned upon.

So how favorable is our generation seen by the professionals of today? Not very. Over the past six months I began to observe what it is that causes certain individuals to be viewed this way and I think the information could be very useful for undergraduates and graduate students alike.

First and foremost, maturity.  Our generation is extremely immature. To most, everything is seen as a game or a joke. Though I didn’t really see this even a year ago, I certainly do now. When you enter the college years, while you may not feel it, you are an adult and the decisions you make from then on will carry with you for the remainder of your life. How hard you tried in school and the connections you made or didn’t make will all tag along when you graduate. While it may not seem like it, everyone is watching to see how you react and handle situations.  So be mature, take your classes seriously, and make the right choices; everyone is watching.

Secondly, our generation thinks we are entitled. This, I’ve found, is perhaps the greatest annoyance that professionals have when looking at millennials. The real world doesn’t give you anything. The good book talks about reaping what you sow. Well, that’s exactly how the real world operates. If you didn’t take the time to prepare for success, the world won’t give it to you.

Thirdly, it may sound cliché, but treat others how you want to be treated. Millennials for some reason think that they can tell off anyone they want, or wake up and decide, “Ya know, today I think I’ll be a horse’s end.” I assure you, people may not always remember that you were nice, but they’ll never forget when you weren’t.

So there it is. There is my soapbox for the week. Perhaps it will inspire someone to see life a little differently.