South Korean native vocalist Dr. JaeYoon Kim is scheduled to perform at ETSU’s Guest Artist Recital on Jan. 29.

Jaeyoon Kim
(Photograph contributed / ETSU)

Kim is a highly skilled tenor with experience from all around the world. He has performed not only the U.S. but South Korea and many European countries as well. Kim’s vocal performance is forecasted to be entirely unique; as students should expect to see a beautiful and original work of art.

Kim holds a doctorate in vocal performance that he earned from the University of South Carolina. He is currently teaching at the University of North Carolina-Pembroke.

ETSU Music Department Events Coordinator Cynthia Godwin is excited for the performance.

“Anytime we have a guest, we can expect a great concert here at ETSU,” said Godwin. “Students can expect to hear something that they would not expect.”

Students and Johnson City residents alike should be encouraged to attend Kim’s performance. Godwin explains that music can alleviate stress and encourage positive emotions. “Involvement, whether performing or observing, has shown to have a positive impact,” Godwin said.

Musical talent such as Kim can also act as a de-stressor from the college experience for students. When asked how students can benefit from this event, Godwin elaborated positively. “College is a stressful environment, and this can add a little bit of help,” said Godwin.

This talented artist will certainly not only provide an excellent concert but also an utterly unique experience for students at ETSU.

“Talent is paramount for anyone; whether performance or music Ed [major], both require a real serious commitment and definitely a love of music,” Godwin said.

Kim undoubtedly posses both commitment and love for his craft and will deliver a truly inspiring performance.

Students can expect more events like vocalist JaeYoon Kim and much more coming soon to ETSU.

For more information about Dr. JaeYoon Kim or other events, contact music events coordinator Cynthia Godwin at 423-439-4276 or email at This internationally recognized artist’s promising performance can be seen at 7:30 p.m. in Mathes Hall auditorium.