Can you remember the last time you were disappointed? In life, I find it easy to look back and regard certain events and celebrations as being a disappointment for a variety of reasons resulting in dissatisfaction. In turn, then, I would develop a negative demeanor and mentality where I thought it was inevitable that the rest of my time with those people would be a failure. Because of the expectation as humans we frequently place on people to come through for us on special occasions and events, our perception of certain situations is completely governed by the notion of how we ourselves want things to unfold.

Including birthday parties, prom, graduation and other moments that deserve celebration, people find themselves angry that a day did not go well due to a variety of different expectations being failed when in fact the day probably contained many positive qualities. Due to the internal struggle and tendency of humanity to strictly focus on the negative, too many people are completely ignorant toward the positive qualities of a day resulting from the impulse to only hear and respond to all the negativity that may or may not be present.

Imagine what would happen if as a society we took steps to stop placing impossible expectations on ourselves and others. Frequently, expecting a negative outcome of an event to occur even before signs start to develop can induce the prediction to become a reality. Truly, if humanity decided to maintain a healthier outlook on life and the way they set expectations, the way one thinks about the self and the individuals around them inevitably could result in a more positive life through a change in mindset.

Now, I am not saying that this is an easy step for all people. It simply may result in you undergoing a change from having an exact prediction of how something will unfold to a positive outlook on the possibility that things may not go the way you predict, which is perfectly acceptable and okay.

We all need to come to grips with the fact that people are going to fail and not come through at times when we feel desperately in need. Unfortunately, this is a reality that we all must learn to consider and try to adopt into our own lives. Indeed, what truly matters is not how badly someone messes up, how damaged or broken you currently are, or how a person decides to help; it is how we respond to the reality that we all do not need to constantly expect failure.