Construction (and deconstruction) in the upcoming Culp Center remodel has students asking where they will eat. Rumors have circulated campus suggesting food trucks will be students’ options, but plans are still underway.

SGA Vice President Hunter Shipley presented Sodexo’s proposed plans for dining services during the remodeling period to the Student Government Association on Tuesday.

“This is what we’re going to be operating on once the renovations start, up until December 2019,” Shipley said to SGA.

During the renovation, the Culp Center will be closed, and offices and services are being moved to different locations across campus. The Marketplace, post office and elevator will be the only remaining areas open with only direct access to them.

Marketplace seating will be altered throughout the renovation, according to Sodexo’s proposal. Overflow seating will be directed to the Culp Ballroom.

Retail dining not currently located in the Culp will be unchanged. The Culp closing will mean Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Quiznos and Toss will not be on campus, at least during the renovation, according to Shipley.

According to the proposal, Subway will begin a double-service line and the Tree House will house Starbucks. Beside the Tree House, a Buccaneer food trailer will offer a rotating menu of barbeque, wings and tacos. On the Sherrod Library patio, there will be an Einstein Bros. Bagels mobile coffee cart to help compensate for additional customers and a Boar’s Head hotdog cart.

“They will move, possibly, if there’s a better place for it once we get going with it, but this is the idea we’re going with for now,” Shipley said.

A Steak and Shake food truck will serve between the library and Governors Hall, where the library drop off area is currently.

The Centennial Hall and parking garage convenience stores will remain the same.

The plans are not finalized, but do allow for relocation of most retail dining locations currently available in the Culp Center.