To many people, including myself, we tend to look toward new movies with excitement. I love being a part of the initial craze desiring to experience a work of art in the movie theater in its seemingly purest, initial form.

When I begin to think about most movies I have enjoyed over the past decade or more, one company largely comes to mind that is currently dominating the film industry through a wide variety of different genres, the Walt Disney company.

Encompassing a wide scope of modern movies, including the new “Star Wars” films, almost all upcoming Marvel movies and a slew of expected, animated works of art, Disney is constantly collaborating, purchasing and absorbing into itself a wide variety of companies. All of these conglomerates allow them in greater ways to control the film and media industry. The company is not only carrying the name for a multitude of movies people are excited over, but they are producing quality films repeatedly that people continue to watch and love.

Are you nervous by the power that Disney gains in progressing day by day in the industry? For many, the negative definition of a monopoly is being attributed to Disney due to the company’s efforts to make a lasting impact and control much of the film industry; however, this does not necessarily entail Disney as a corrupt center for media production. It seems as if, for a wide conglomerate of people, Disney’s uncontested influence is not such a bad thing. Disney has continued to prove itself trustworthy in entertainment and has for long periods lacked in letting down the fans of most movies they have fostered and developed.

Of course, as we know, Disney is not able to control ALL the film industry today, but they continue to greatly extend their opportunity of impact in a lot of modern and emerging companies. The positive results from movies just over the past decade showcase that Disney fans are reacting well to the company’s growing media presence.

It will be interesting to observe the way Disney continues to progress in its domination of the film and media industry day by day. Indeed, while Disney does not fully fit the definition for a business monopoly, it might be dangerously progressing at a rate where the possibility is becoming more of a reality day by day. Do you think Disney is becoming a monopoly, and if so, how do you feel about this development?