Small acts of civility in one’s community are the first steps toward taking our civilization to the next level.

ETSU’s Student Government Association (SGA), in partner with the Civility Series Committee, is currently taking applications for this semester’s Civility Series, entitled “Step into Civility.”

Initially, applications were due on Feb. 2, however, SGA Secretary of State/ Chair of Civility Series Committee Nick Fasanello has agreed to continue accepting applications for event ideas. But, if you are planning to apply, the earlier the better: The Civility Committee has a limited budget and early applications have precedence.

The Civility Focus Week is scheduled to take place Mar. 26-30, 2018.

Last week on Jan. 31, The Committee held the first organizational meeting to talk things over.

“The benefit of this meeting was that organizations looking for partners and co-sponsors could satisfy that sooner,” said Nick Fasanello. “That also goes along with the running initiative of the university to encourage intersectionality amongst students, faculty, staff, organizations and departments.”

Aside from having an all-inclusive format to consider, what sort of events can we expect to see happen in March?

Last year, the Civility Series featured speakers such as Dr. Bernice King and Dr. Terrell Strayhorn as well as “Stories Without Borders: [a] Panel exploring the personal journey of immigrants and refugees in our community,” an art exhibition, and a musical performance by the Gospel Choir, in addition to many other enlightening events all throughout March 2017.

Fasanello named a few proposals for this year’s event schedule, “We’ve currently received several applications…Conservative Coalition put in an application to bring in a speaker who will talk on respecting ‘all’ women…a program called Better Angels to Campus which will be a workshop on civil discourse with provocative issues that are usually split bipartisan…Córazon Latino…a film screening by Secular Humanist Alliance…LGBTQ Pride Fest…”

Nick Fasanello is currently a junior at ETSU. His heritage lies in Dominican-Italian roots, and he’s originally from Long Island, NY. He was involved in planning the Civility Series last year as a senator in SGA. Fasanello explained why he felt encouraged to get involved.

“I think it’s really important for the experience of ETSU to be fused with programs related to civility on numerous levels,” said Fasanello.

Applications may be found online, on the SGA Civility website. Once completed, you can email them to