Imagine living in a space with people who share your common interests. If this sounds like a utopia to you, the Living-Learning Communities program is now accepting applications.

According to the program’s website, a Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a group of residents living together on a floor or within a building who share a common major, interest, or program affiliation. Resident advisors in the program are called “Buc Guides.” Megan Gauck is one of them, being the “Buc Guide” for the Honors Living Learning Community in Centennial Hall.

“While my first priority is being an RA, as a Buc Guide I also plan events or special functions for those who live in the HLLC,” Gauck said. “We also host joint events with some of the other LLCs, including the Honors LLC in Governors Hall and the Innovations LLC in Centennial.”

For Gauck having like minded neighbors is a major benefit of the program.

“One major benefit of being part of a living learning community is that your neighbors all have similar interests as you,” she said.

There are multiple groups associated with LLC that cater to people of different interests and majors, including Spanish language, STEM, honors, teacher education, pre-health, arts, innovations and first year student living. Some are for freshman only.

“Regardless of which LLC you’re in, you get the chance to meet a lot of motivated people with similar interests or aspirations,” Gauck said.

According to Gauck, the program is a great way to make friends and experience a wide variety of fun experiences.

“Due to the extra events hosted for LLC members, there are plenty of fun activities and other ways to meet future friends,” she said. “Some of the LLC events I have participated in the past range from volunteering at the Animal Shelter and seeing the Bristol Lights to watching an amazing play at the Barter Theater. Many of my closest friends are people who I met through the various LLCs here on campus.”

Gauck has been part of the program since she was a freshman, and is now in her second year of being a Buc Guide. For those wanting to apply for the program, Guack says anyone can apply.

“Once a person applies for housing, they can fill out a separate application for the LLC and list which ones they are interested in,” she said. “Certain LLCs have restrictions (for example, some only allow first years students or the HLLC requires that you be a part of the Honors program), but most are available to anyone with a related passion.”

For more information on LLC, you can go to their website at or call Housing and Resident Life at 423-439-4446.

“I loved my time in the HLLC and I know many others who have also thrived in living learning communities,” Gauck said. “Participating in an LLC really helped me branch out and succeed during my time at ETSU.”