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Johnson City has been graced with the special opportunity of hearing world renowned flutist William Bennett at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Bennett’s undoubtedly promising performance will take place on Feb. 12.

Honored by Queen Elizabeth herself, William Bennett has delivered unbeatable performances and demonstrated a true mastery of the flute.

Bennett has performed with the London Symphony, the English Chamber Orchestra and much more. The dignitary has played in concerts all of over the globe. Here in the United States, Bennett will be touring for about 3 weeks.

Bennett allows the flute to become not just an ordinary instrument, but a means of delivering powerful music that is inspiring for all ages.

Dr. Rebecca Paluzzi, Director of the ETSU Suzuki Studies Program, explained that Bennett is engaging for all audience members. Bennett designs his concerts to help the audience learn regardless of their musical background.

“It will be a very good concert for novice learners,” said Paluzzi. “His tone is exceptional; it’s just lovely to listen to a single note.”

It is a genuine gift for Johnson City to host such a powerful performer. Bennett will be playing an extensive list of classic pieces, all of which he has rewritten to demonstrate the flute’s immense versatility.

“He is spanning the centuries from Bach all the way to the 20th century,” said Paluzzi.

Students and Johnson City residence alike will enjoy this truly once in a lifetime opportunity to watch William Bennett perform.

In addition to Bennett’s concert on Feb. 12, Bennett will be teaching two master classes for students on Feb. 10-11. All flute students at ETSU will attend the master class.

To perform and learn in front of such a notable flutist would surely cause some nervous energy. Paluzzi encourages her students to not be intimidated by playing in front of a master like Bennett. Paluzzi describes the artist as “warm” and “funny.” She encourages her students to understand that Bennett was once in the same position as many students.

“He takes away the fear of making a mistake,” said Paluzzi.

Any student regardless of musical background should participate as so much can be learned from such an event.

“You might be surprised that you’ve just found your new love,” said Paluzzi.

Paluzzi agrees that, as college students, now is the time to pick up an instrument and learn if you so desire. ETSU’s music department offers many resources for students wishing to learn any instrument. There is nothing holding you back, and hearing a true master play will surely inspire you.

“Keep an open mind,” said Paluzzi to non-music students, “And come see what a real dignitary looks like!”