As a student, I’m sure you’ve felt it. Somewhere in the semester every student has these issues. It’s not unheard of, nor is it uncommon, but you remember thinking the first day of college–that won’t be me! If you’ve guessed correctly, what ails students constantly is anxiety.

Now many of us have had anxiety to some degree. For many, it may be a minor freak out, but for some, this anxiety quickly spirals into depression, which can be harmful to the point of harmful thoughts of the self and of suicide.

It’s strange to think the people you’re passing as you meander to class may be internally struggling to meet their professional or personal goals, while still managing to convince themselves of their own happiness. It’s actually really…well, depressing to think about. As of late, this has been me.

Anxiety works through all timelines–past, present and future. Rather than focusing on the present, I’ve somehow transported myself months and even years into the future. I can’t stop thinking about what will need to be done to insure my future’s success. After all, how has planning ahead harmed anyone?

I’m the case to prove thinking too far ahead can harm you.

I should take the advice I give to others: Allow your options to be open and free, and accept whatever life hurls in your path. In the end, you can’t change what has happened to you or what will happen to you, but you can focus on the you today.

I write this now, because I know sometimes everything can feel overwhelming, especially when you could feel as low and alone as I do.

When I’m depressed, I’d rather sit alone in my room and cry without any productivity. I’d rather drown out any thoughts or feelings through the usual bad habits college students tend to pick up, but I’m grateful to say my loved ones help pick up my mangled mess every day.

After talking to many trusted loved ones, I’ve realized I’m losing the most precious time I have now–which is the here and now, enjoying the little things in my life as I have it.

So, to the good friends of the broken, thank you. To the good, broken people who may not see the good, there’s always an outlet, a healthy one. Find you. Cherish yourself and love the life you live. Time waits for no one, so don’t let it steal you from this life just yet.