Jam Nights often allow students to express themselves by performing songs or spoken word poetry. On Feb. 8, ETSU students gathered together to express themselves creatively and have a fun time.

The Jam Night was sponsored by Multicultural Affairs and it was held in the Multicultural Center Lounge in the D.P. Culp Center. A string of lights set up in a rectangle on the floor showed students who wanted to perform where the stage was. The students performed songs and spoken word poetry.

“I performed ‘In the midst of it all’ by Yolanda Adams,” participant Danielle Humphrey said. “I actually did it in the moment. I like performing, they’re always welcoming so I just felt like singing.”

Humphrey said that her favorite part of performing was the positivity that came from the group and that the organization that put it together was very welcoming.

“Even if people knew that they weren’t comfortable with their talents they were all welcomed no matter if people thought it was good or bad,” Humphrey said. “It didn’t matter because we were all there to have a good time.”

The host for the Jam Night was Jasmine Henderson, who said she had hosted the event last year and was more than willing to come and do it again. Henderson also said that the audience turn out was better than she had expected.

“I just love that the kids are always so supportive of the acts,” Henderson said. “I’m just really glad that the kids come out and they support each other and cheer everybody on.”

Henderson said her favorite part of the Jam Night was that it was a platform for the students who sing and do poetry to stand up in front of their peers and be able to showcase their talents.

“In Johnson City there’s not a lot of open mics here and just platforms where anybody can get on stage and kind of do what they do,” Henderson said. “So this is a good night.”