ETSU’s tremendous theatre department has grown substantially over the years. In fact, the department began as just a speech major with a concentration in theatre, and now has spanned to an entire award winning department.

“We have an exciting program,” said Patrick Cronin, theatre professor and director of the upcoming and highly anticipated performance of “The Flick.”

Written by the talented Annie Baker, the Pulitzer Prize winning “The Flick” follows 4 millennial students in their twenties played by ETSU students Charles Clark, Francisco Rodriguez, Eulalah Prater and Hunter Thomas.

“In seventeen years [of employment at ETSU] this is the best cast I’ve had,” said Cronin.

The play demonstrates how a seemingly normal and ordinary life of young students working at a movie theater can actually hide numerous secrets and intricacies. The show will be very relatable to fellow ETSU students, as most students will understand working a mundane retail job and attending class, all while trying to find one’s true self.

In the span of the play, the audience will witness the construction of friendships and loss. This may be a show detailing the day in and day out of ordinary millennials, yet it is not limited to a young adult audience.

“No one will have trouble identifying with this play,” said Cronin.

The performance is approximately 2 hours long, but will surely hold the audience in rapture for the entire time.

“I find myself gripped by it,” said Cronin. “It’s the little things in life, and there is no doubt that viewers will develop an appreciation for the genuine detail of this performance.”

This play is entirely constructed and run by students here at ETSU. The talented students behind this great work include co-director Evin McQuistion, costume designer Tyler Mitchell, stage manager Isaline Humphrey and lighting technician Levi Bradford.

“Theatre illuminates,” said Cronin. “We go to the theatre to remember what we have forgotten.”

The Pulitzer Prize winning performance of “The Flick” will surely support that claim. So come and be a part of this wonderful tale of daily struggles and friendship.

“The Flick” will be shown in the Bud Frank Theatre from Feb 16-19 at 7:30 p.m. on Friday – Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday. Monday’s showing will be at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for students with I.D. and $10 for the public.