Valentine’s Day is a day of chocolates, roses, gifts, fancy dinner, the list goes on. Well…if you have a special someone, that is, or so the idea goes.

Year after year people get put out, because around every turn they are reminded that they don’t have a significant other. Not only is this an unhealthy mindset to have, it’s annoying of those of us who are trying to enjoy a day dedicated to love.

But just because you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend does not mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day festivities. There are a multitude of ways to show your love, and it isn’t limited to a significant other.

There is love for your friends, and if you and your friends find yourselves without dates, then be each other’s dates! Walk over to Cookout and grab dinner, or really show your friend you love them by taking them to Miso’s. The possibilities are endless. Grab a movie, stay in, have dinner or whatever else makes the night fun.

This next date sounds cliché, but puppy love. There are dogs all over campus, in student quarters, at the pound or even in your own home! Even cats will show you love, if they feel like it. Show your furry friends how much you love them. Buy them a new toy, force them to cuddle you or splurge and buy them wet food if you don’t normally. Love isn’t limited to people.

Another love is self-love. If you don’t care for fur friends and all other friends have dates, then treat yourself! There’s nothing wrong with hanging out in a hot shower after eating your favorite food and just pampering yourself with a night in. All the money you saved by not spoiling a pet or significant other is a great way to turn around and spoil yourself. Going to Walgreens the day after Valentine’s Day brings out the children in us all as stores lower chocolate prices to near free prices.

Think positive about Valentine’s Day this year. Look for other ways to share your love with others or yourself. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a painful reminder that you don’t have a significant other, but is an opportunity to treat yourself or loved ones. Get out there and buy yourself some chocolate. You deserve it.