On Sunday, I finally saw something that I have longed to see for some two weeks now—sunshine. It seems for the past couple of weeks we have had nothing but rain. In fact, I was beginning to think that Johnson City was a regular Seattle, Washington.

I tuned into WCYB after my nightly intake of Olympic Primetime, and the weatherman informed me that only twice in recorded weather history have we had such a stretch of inconvenient weather. In the mid 1940s, a significant part of the month of February was filled with similar moistness, as well as in 1962.

But here on this Sunday, we have finally received a break. I sit here on a park bench, my caboose a testament to such glorious weather as the radiating concrete warms my posterior. I see Buffalo Mountain in the distance, and a blue-sky backdrop filling in the space between tree branches—a space that will soon be replaced with green leaves. I see grown men and women walking around with 6-foot hairstyles, medieval weaponry, super-hero capes and blue hair and I’m reminded that the ETSU campus is never short of an interesting view (Check out the paper’s article on ETSUCon for more information).

On one of the worst rainy days last week, I went to get my ears lowered at the barber shop, and my barber was reflecting on some of his favorite things in life–one was the first day that everyone mows their lawns, and the smell of fresh-cut grass lingers on every backroad in Washington County.

Days like this one, after an intense season of cold precipitation, are a reminder that the aroma of fresh-cut grass will be upon us before we know it. Things are looking up.

You see friends, it’s days like today that makes life so enjoyable. After such a stretch of being cooped up indoors, we finally get a little freedom. I’m reminded today that it’s the little things, like taking the time to sit on this park bench and take in the promise of spring-time weather with a warm cup of overpriced Starbucks coffee, that make life worth living. What are your little things?