When I wake up in the morning, the clothing I immediately desire to put on is always comfortable, easy and fast so I can quickly carry on with the rest of my life, but this might not be the best initial mindset to have on the way I desire to present myself to other individuals.

Studies show that people tend to listen to individuals who are well-dressed and look presentable in comparison to those who are shabby and look like they just threw on some clothes in the morning.

Academically, it is already hard enough to make strides in one’s field and connections among professors and other faculty members. One such quality you could be missing out on is your ability to leave a lasting impression with the way you dress.

Now, I am not saying that you need to be that person who dresses insanely formal to everything. On the contrary, it might be nice to put on a collared shirt and khakis when you know you have a meeting in place for the day or something else noteworthy of a slightly more formal attire.

In the first few seconds of meeting someone new, people already have formed a somewhat concrete opinion and impression on how we view someone strictly through that short amount of time. If perhaps you unconsciously decide to dress in sweatpants, a t-shirt and other clothing deemed by qualities of laziness, it is quite alarming to realize this simple decision may have a lasting impact on the way someone views you for an extended time.

In many cases, people hear what they want to hear when listening to someone else. Even if you are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable about various topics surpassing your peers, something as simple as someone’s dress can have a possible impact on how people receive your opinions, facts or ideals.

Do not let your dress in formal and impressionistic circumstances cause someone to view you as less valuable simply due to this minor matter.