LGBTQ+ pride continues to grow in Johnson City as the East Tennessee State University website launches a new webpage for the community.

According to Ray Allan, creator of the webpage and graduate assistant for LGTBQ+ students, the page has been up for two weeks, and we can expect more content in the near future.

“We hope to have weekly postings on the webpage as well as history about the LGBTQ+ community,” Allan said.

The postings will be written and submitted by students, and one will be selected for publishing each week.

Allan, who was hired on at the Multicultural Center due to a need for more LGBTQ+ programs, has been working on the webpage since August looking for resources and creating the content.

In addition to articles the page currently provides pictures that you can click on to view links to past events LGBTQ+ inclusive events at the university. One of these past events includes the Multicultural Center’s #Emojional Event: Rupaul’s Drag Race Premiere Party. One drag queen in particular garnering support is ETSU alum, Eureka O’Hara.

According to Allan, the webpage is not just aimed at the LGBTQ community, but also allies to the community as well.

“Allies help our voices be even louder,” Allan said.

The webpage provides a mission statement on the home page that further emphasis this inclusive message.

“Together, the staff, faculty and the LGBTQ+ Graduate Assistant, coordinator of The S.A.M.E. Program, in the Multicultural Center are here to fully support LGBTQ+ students and envision a successful future for each of you,” the webpage states.

Besides providing resources such as articles, the group also aims to help people facilitate LGBTQ+ events on campus. For Allan, the webpage can also be there to help those who are struggling to come out.

“If you don’t have anyone to help you, the webpage has resources that can,” Allan said. “Coming out is an interesting process because you come out all your life, but it can be very liberating.”

The webpage is hoping to be fully announced at the release of the online show “Ice Breaker,” which is on the ETSU website. According to Allan, four episodes have been created so far, and there may be a party or celebration in relation to the show either right before or after spring break.

To check out the LGBTQ+ webpage, you can go to