Fear the GRE, MCAT and PCAT no more.

ETSU has two Kaplan student brand ambassadors on campus who can help students learn more about different graduate school entrance exams and opportunities for free course opportunities.

“Encouraging people to sign up for these courses isn’t difficult because you know that they really need them to really do well,” Kayla Davis said. “Self-studying is ridiculously hard.”

Davis and Rachel Harris are ETSU’s Kaplan student brand ambassadors. They are both pre-med students, so they understand how important it is to study for these exams.

Kaplan offers study courses for the GRE, MCAT, GMAT, DAT, OAT, LSAT, PCAT and more. Currently, Kaplan is offering free courses and study guides in these exams and can be found online at http://welcome.kaptest.com/prepforthewin?user=16KZ9A.

Student brand ambassadors for Kaplan work by promoting the company’s campaigns and making students aware of the test prep courses.

They meet with various pre-professional clubs on campus throughout each semester and discuss the application process for graduate programs, what exam is required and when it should be taken. Ambassadors then can explain the ways Kaplan can help students prepare.

“Our job isn’t to sell Kaplan,” Davis said. “It’s pretty much like we’re here as a resource for students if they have any question about the graduate school admissions process because it is kind of confusing.”

The students are required to know information about all the courses and when they should be taken. However, Davis primarily informs students on campus about the GRE and GMAT, while Harris focuses most on the PCAT.

Ambassadors are paid $15 an hour, and they work about five hours a week. As part of their job, they get a free Kaplan course after six months of working. This is a big incentive to be an ambassador, according to Davis. She plans to use hers to study for the MCAT.

Each week, the ambassadors work by visiting clubs to present the information about Kaplan courses and exam prep, working on social media campaigns, emailing about Kaplan offerings, and attending Kaplan Facebook live meetings.

As part of the application process, ambassadors have to give a 20-minute presentation via Skype on one of the entrance exams.

Davis said she has learned to be more outgoing and has become better virtual employee since becoming an ambassador last summer.

“Kaplan is a really cool company just to work for in general because they give you so many opportunities,” she said. “They’re really just trying to make you succeed.”