On Feb. 26, students from around campus gathered together while wearing black clothing in an event called “All Black Everything.”

“During the All Black Everything event, people got together wearing pure black clothes,” said ETSU Black Affairs Association Chair Jeremiah Pearson.

“The event wasn’t for entertainment or education,” said Pearson. “It wasn’t a dance, a seminar or a show. Instead, the event commemorated the spirit of Black History Month. Think of it more as a homecoming or spirit week event. Our guests dressed up a certain way for a certain theme. Of course, the theme was Black History Month, so guests wore black during the All Black Everything event to show their support. This was the last week of Black History Month as well as our Unapologetically Black events.”

In the All Black Everything event, attendants showed support for Black History Month through the bold choice of attire. Far from funeral apparel, their black clothing helped demonstrate that the spirit behind Black History Month is very much alive.

Throughout February, there have been over a dozen events commemorating Black History Month. Due to the efforts of organizations like the Black Affairs Association, Multicultural Affairs and African Studies, students and community members alike were given the opportunity to attend a wide variety of events. These events included art exhibitions, dances, discussions, seminars, shows and more.

Black History Month has been observed across the United States every February since 1976. It evolved from earlier events conceived by African American such as noted black historian, Carter G. Woodson. College campuses were among the first locations where Black History Month was celebrated. University-level observance of Black History Month proved critical to its formal recognition by the federal government.

Every Black History Month has a different theme. Black History Month 2018 was themed after the vital ways in which African Americans contributed to wars throughout United States history.

There will certainly be more ETSU Black History Month events in 2019, providing students and community members with additional opportunities to celebrate and learn about the heritage and myriad accomplishments of black Americans.