The women’s golf team competed in the Edwin Watts Kiawah Spring Classic over the weekend.

There were a number of colleges in attendance with the Bucs tying with William and Mary in 14th place after the first day of play. On the second day of play, the Bucs would move up to the 16th spot. The Bucs would come away with a total of 130 pars and 23 birdies.

Freshman Tereza Melecka (Belcovice, Czech Republic) led the Bucs in pars with 30. Behind her was junior Hee Ying Loy (Johor, Malaysia) with an overall of par score of 28.

Sophomores Ankita Kedlaya (Bangalore, India) and Yeji Ahn (Chang Won City, South Korea) along with freshman Kornbongkoat Sararat (Nongkhai, Thailand) also scored pars with overall scores of 26, 25 and 21.

The Bucs were able to find a majority of their success in pars. They scored an average of 3.21 on Par 3 scoring a total of 11 points. Their best effort was in Par 4 with an average of 4.38 and a total of 42 points. They went an average of 5.00 on Par 5 with a score of 0 points. The Bucs tied with William and Mary at the No. 12 spot with a total of +29 to par.

The Bucs also had some success with birdies. Loy led with 8 while Kedlaya had 5. Ahn had 4 while Melecka and Saratat both had 3.

The Bucs had a great three days at the tournament and it should make for a promising season.

“We have a strong mental game,” said redshirt freshman Alex Dixon (Knoxville, Tennessee). “We have a young team with five out of eight girls being freshman.”

The Bucs have a number of young prospects this season with heaps of potential.

“We always shoot for the championship and we are highly ranked this year, so it should be a great season,” said Dixon.