Anyone who has ever flown in or out of this country has willingly exposed themselves to one of the most evil and inhuman authorities in the world–the Transportation Security Administration.

In all seriousness, the TSA is a government program designed to prevent terrorist attacks like 9/11 from happening again.

Anyone with experience with airports knows that this translates to a massive pain for everyone trying to fly, including full body scanners, invasive pat-downs, placing liquids in separate clear plastic bags, etc. It all sounds very high-tech and very secure, but the problem is that it doesn’t really work.

The TSA’s preventive measures are actually more akin to reactionary measures. Every policy they put in place, and even the administration itself, were established in response to a terrorist attack that had already happened. Requiring shoes to be taken off, for instance, is a result of the shoe bomber in late 2001. The TSA didn’t prevent that attack; the passengers on the plane did.

Now that’s not to say that anything the government does to prevent terrorism doesn’t work, just that the TSA doesn’t. More Air Marshals and heightened passenger awareness are two results of 9/11 that actually do prevent terrorism. The TSA has never even documented an actual case where they prevented a terrorist attack, and the next time there is an attempt, it probably won’t be prevented by them either.

A 2008 article by the Seattle Times documents a test of the screening of illicit substances at Newark Liberty International Airport, where the TSA failed to detect bombs and firearms 20 out of 22 times.

The fact of the matter is that the TSA is only designed to prevent terrorist threats that have already happened in the past, and they would probably fail at repeat attempts of those anyway.

The TSA solely exists for the illusion of security. The scanners and pat-downs may not actually prevent anything, but most people think they do. The TSA makes us feel safer than we actually are, and that is not necessarily a good thing. The illusion of security doesn’t actually make anyone safer, and it’s more aptly called a false sense of security.

The TSA is worthless. Their supposed job to prevent terrorism is a hoax, and all they truly serve to do is waste our time and the government’s resources that could be better spent on agencies like the CIA and FBI, who actually prevent acts of terrorism.