When hiring new employees, companies and businesses will likely have individuals complete an online application. In the last few decades, the application process has become shorter and shorter, resulting in some companies only desiring only a few minutes of one’s time to complete one of these applications.

While it seems super easy and lacking any real effort, many times these companies are not only wanting your application, but also want the individual to show the extra effort by coming to the location with the intent of speaking to a manager.

Because the process has become easier, there is much more competition since almost anyone can apply anywhere today from their comfort of their home.

Frequently, I hear of my peers and others submit a multitude of online applications and being distraught when no stores or companies decide to report back to them. I find that this is because they are not making a crucial step to engage in personal conversations with hiring managers.

Of course, the online application process is a crucial step in a company’s knowledge of a person’s inclination to work at a particular location; however, this journey to acquire a job cannot just be conducted from the comfort of a computer screen. All businesses are continually growing in their desire for workers to be able to effectively show quality communication skills, and face-to-face contact is truly the only way to demonstrate one’s ability in this area.

It is vital not only to maintain this mentality in one’s search for jobs or positions, but also in their academic studies and connections with professors. The importance of face-to-face conversation is vital for all people able to help you in the different areas of life, whether it be for your studies, career or personal friendships.

Life is becoming increasingly more demanding as time goes on, and people need to realize that something must set a person apart for them to be sought out. Simplistically, going to a location and introducing yourself might be the difference between you and a wide variety of other candidates. Set yourself apart.