Over the break, President Trump’s cheif economic advisor, Gary Cohn, relieved himself from his duties and decided to no longer be a part of the White House staff.

The event was quite shocking in the political areana, as Cohn was viewed by most as a respected and stable anchor in the Trump administration. With his departure, many in Washington began to doubt more seriously the efficiency of the administration.

Cohn’s departure came after he advised against trade tariffs and Trump decided to sign the tariffs into law anyway. Many fear that this act could be detrimental to the economy, or worse, spark a trade war between the United States and other countries.

Cohn’s decision to leave was not alone. He is among 15 other people in the administration that have decided to call it quits since 2017. The thing that is most baffling, however, is that President Trump is by no means concerned about the departures, at least that is the message he wants to get across to the American people.

The news media was soon to jump on the Cohn issue calling the Trump White House one of “chaos.” The President, as usual, had no shortage of words on Twitter saying, “There is no chaos, only great energy” and my personal favorite, “Everyone wants to work in the White House.”

Now, I am no rocket scientist, but when a man resigns as the Chief Economic Adviser to the President of the greatest and most powerful country in the world, there certainly is not great energy happening behind those beautiful white pillars on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and he clearly no longer desires to work there. In fact, there are 14 other people out there who do not want to work at the White House either.

So call it like it ism Donald J. What is the harm is recognizing that, in fact, everyone does not desire to work for you?