The department of Music presented a spring vocal recital on Monday, March 19, and swaths of students and families alike came to hear this vocal extravaganza.

The recital showcased talented students such as Rachel Helton, Caitlin Bolden and Andrea Heys.

Filled to the brim, the night’s vast program ranged from “Breit uber me in Haupt” to “Colors of the Wind.” Audience members listened in rapture and excitement as the students performed their solo acts.

In addition to ETSU is wonderful vocal talent, a repertoire of beautiful piano notes filled the room, perfectly accenting each performer.

The performance itself was geared to both music aficionados and novices alike with most of the audience surprisingly being students.

Though each soloist was magnificent in their own right, some truly amazing performances that night were “Wie Melodien” sung by Logan Carmody, “The Daisies” performed by Jacob Bullock and “Colors of the Wind” sung by Jonna Pickard.

Thanks to these wonderful artists and more, there was never a dull moment. The environment and atmosphere was friendly and even comedic it at times as students interacted with the audience members in a laid-back tone.

Yet the overall performance itself was anything but laid-back. It’s obvious that these students put a lot of time and effort into their craft.

Most of the performance consisted of various operas from all over the globe including many known German pieces and even more well-known works from Mozart.

This demonstrates ETSU’s well-rounded vocal students, and allows all students to appreciate the various forms of music from around the globe.

It was truly amazing to see classical music being kept alive in the halls of ETSU.

In addition to the spring recital, the Department of Music is hosting a plethora of concerts this semester.

Students can expect Guest Artist Nois Saxophone Quartet on Mar. 23rd 5:00 in Brown Hall Auditorium. The Low Brass Festival Guest Artist Concert will be on Mar. 23rd in the Mathes Recital Hall at 7:30. Students can also look forward to Bucapella’s upcoming events Mar. 23rd and 24th.