Under the Director of Postal and Passport Services Don McCarty Jr., undergraduate Lance Fannon contributes to the ETSU post office’s advertising. One of the projects he helped put together is creating a lot of buzz on campus.

The ETSU Post Office is now giving you access to mail on campus by the touch of a button. Earlier this semester, the Post Office released the new Mobile Package Pickup App that allows students and staff three quick and efficient ways to receive their mail.

“It’s used to increase productivity in terms of the locker system,” said Fannon. “Normally, because you have a package in the locker and we’re out there delivering packages, you have to wait until we’re finished before you can come up and collect your package. Don wanted to make a way for students to be able to pick up their packages quicker, because it was causing a little bit of a hassle for them. Don’s all about making things easier for people.”

When downloading the app, you are able to receive your mail by swiping your student ID, you can enter the pin number sent to your mobile device, or you can “remote unlock” your locker with the new app.

Although you can swipe you student ID and enter a pin number without the app, the app as additional features that provides users with instant notification when packages are delivered, the ability to view all mail (even the packages they are not in the lockers) and a quicker pickup time.

“In the past few weeks, I’ve been sitting in the lobby talking to students as they come up to pick up their packages, and the ones who have time, I kind of walk them through the process of the app,” said Fannon. “As of launch day, I think we have around 300 students signed up, and it continues to grow every day.”

If you want to give the free app a try, search “ETSU Packages” in the Google play or App Store.

If you have any issues downloading the app, visit https://www.etsu.edu/bf/postoffice/lockers/faq.php