Get ready for a night of laughter, because a well known storyteller is coming to ETSU.

Storyteller Bil Lepp
(Photograph contributed / ETSU)

“We wanted to do something for the students who are in Tale Tellers–That’s our student organization,” ETSU professor Delanna Reed said.

“They said they’d like to bring someone, a well known story teller, to campus so we tossed a few names about and ended up saying, ‘Let’s try Bil Lepp. He’s actually very famous, very well known in story telling circles.'”

On April 5, storyteller Bil Lepp will be performing in the Ball Hall Auditorium at 7 p.m. for free. According to a press release, the stories he will be telling are based off of his experiences growing up.

Reed said she had seen Lepp many times and that he has been featured for 15 years at the National Storytelling Festival.

“Bil is one of those people that gets invited back every single year, because he is so well liked,” Reed said. “People like his sense of humor. They want to laugh, so they love to hear Bil and his tall tales. It just seemed like he would be a good fit to come here where all ages would enjoy him.”

“He has a droll, dry wit that creeps up on you,” Reed said.

“He can weave this story, very believable, very plausible, and then it gets bigger and bigger and suddenly you know he’s pulling your leg. He’s got a tall tale that’s just gone completely out of bounds. So I enjoy that about Bil, the way he handles the audience. He’s very smooth in delivery, and he’s funny.”

Reed said she is looking forward to a nice evening of relaxation and hearing good storytelling. She also said she hopes students on campus come to see Lepp.

“He’s unique, and story telling is so important to this part of our country,” Reed said.

“And I think any student who is at ETSU ought to experience it at least once. This time they don’t have to go to Jonesborough. They don’t have to go somewhere else. All they have to do is walk into Ball Hall Auditorium.”