The Bucs football team has been going through spring practice preparing for the upcoming 2018-19 football season.

The Bucs gained a new head coach at end of last season, Randy Sanders from Florida State. However, he is currently under investigation for potentially violating university policy. The university has put Sanders on paid administrative leave. The Bucs also lost offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield, who is leaving to take a job at Baylor University.

The Bucs spring game is scheduled for April 5. Defensive Coordinator Billy Taylor will run the defense. Mike Rader, who was the Bucs wide receivers coach last season, will run the offense Thursday.

“We are carrying on just like Coach Sanders would want us to,” said Taylor. “The big difference between this spring practice is guys have been here awhile now, so it does not take a long time to teach as much compared to having all freshmen.”

The Bucs return a lot of production on both sides of the ball from a season ago.

Offensively, the Bucs return starting quarterback Austin Herink (Cleveland, Tennessee). Herink had a productive season last year, throwing more touchdowns (14) than he did the previous two seasons combined. Herink also was able to bring his interception total down from eight to six.

“Spring has been fast for me,” said Rader, who will be running the offense. “It has been a lot of learning but has also been a blast.”

The Bucs return a majority of their key receiving weapons at receiver, so as they learn, Sanders said the Bucs should be able to move the ball downfield more this upcoming season.

“Coach Sanders has brought a dynamic offense here with a lot of details as we begin to learn the details of this offense we are going to be good,” said Rader.

Defensively, the Bucs will look to continue to improve with players now more experienced.

“Thirteen days so far, we have had a lot of young guys who have stepped up. It has been a physical spring,” said Taylor. “The point of the spring is to evaluate players and come out with a two-deep lineup going into the first game of next year.”

The Bucs scrimmage will take place Thursday, April 5, at William B. Greene Jr. Stadium at 7 p.m.