The pavilion in downtown Johnson City was packed with people on April 6 as they viewed booths, listened to the live music on the stage and enjoyed food from different vendors.

“The Corazon Latino was started nine years ago,” said Director of the Language and Culture Resource Center Dr. Felipe Fiuza. “Ardis Nelson, who is the former director of the LCRC, the Language and Culture Resource Center, started it. The festival is a result of her passion for the Hispanic community and her commitment to integration, which is also the mission of the Language and Culture Resource Center.”

Fiuza said that some of the activities planned out for the night included a zumba class and a performance by Che Apalache, an Argentinian Bluegrass Band. Another activity had different booths set up with information for attendees.

“On this side we have the Pasaporte a las Américas with tables that talk about the different countries from Latin America. On this side you have the Corazon Sano, which focuses on health.”

One of the booths set up for the Pasaporte a las Américas was about the country of Brazil. The booth was decorated with a map of the country, toys and a puzzle. Brunella Fiuza hopes that by showing these items, people will learn more about Brazil.

“Well actually, I want people to know first that Brazil is in South America,” Fiuza said. “And then that we speak Portuguese, not Spanish. And then just to learn a little bit more about our culture and a lot of things we have to offer.”

By the end of the of the evening, Fiuza hopes the festival showed how important different cultures are.

“I hope that this festival will show that immigrants are important,” Fiuza said.

“Immigrants are a part of the community and our culture is your culture. We are all together in this, because currently, as you may know, there is this fear towards immigrants, whoever is different. So we are fighting fear.”