Spring is finally upon us. Freezing nights are occurring but becoming more rare. This week has seen plenty of sunshine for great mountain biking opportunities, including one local race.

A rainy, snowy mix last weekend threatened to postpone the inaugural Cat’s Pajamas Time Trial Race scheduled for the next day.

All Trail Cycling presented the race and proceeds go to the Science Hill High School mountain biking team.

Fortunately, a sunny Sunday gave over 30 racers the opportunity to set times and help support a good cause.

More sunshine is projected this weekend. Sunday’s weather may be the opposite of last week, but this Saturday should be perfect for riding. Some closed sections at Winged Deer Mountain Bike Park are back open. There are a myriad of other areas in the Tri-Cities to ride as well. A great place to do session laps is the Hampton Watershed Trails. These trails are great and will provide a nice workout for any rider.

For a more advanced biker, the climb on Cat’s Pajamas is deceptively never-ending, but the climb is worth the descent. A series of steep drops into short popping up-hills will make the smile spread ear-to-ear. Warning to the unwary rider: there are plenty of spots to get in trouble if you aren’t careful.

Take a spare mech-hanger or two. There is more than one rock garden and plenty of downed limbs that can, or rather will, snag you up. The local trail stewards are getting the trails cleaned up, but unseasonable cold snaps are slowing work.

There are other trails too. Make sure to check out Bays Mountain, Pisgah and all the other places available for day trips from Johnson City, Tennessee.

The Wildcat race event is coming up at Panther Creek State Park in nearby Morristown, Tennessee. Every month this season offers different events within day-trip distance of JC. Anyone is welcome to come, whether as a spectator or participant.

As a reminder, be respectful and make sure not to damage any of the trails so other bikers can have a safe, fun ride too.