Over 10 million inhabitants in the United States of America are living without legal status. Of that massive number of individuals, a significant amount of those people are working in the fields and factories producing a large share of the exported goods we see continually shipped across the world and to different states. If our country implements and finalizes a plan for mass deportation, how are we going to possibly fill those jobs without our economy suffering?

Consider just the incredibly populous and productive state of California. This state alone produces a sizable majority of many American fruits and vegetables, and many of the workers in these fields are Hispanics being paid close to poverty cutoff wages working hard, grueling hours out in the sun every day.

Without these workers in California, America would have to find a number too large to fill to continue to stay on a consistent, productive schedule if we were to mass deport people from this country. Additionally, I find many people desire to avoid at all costs working these hard, grueling jobs.

Without these workers in just California, the supply for many products would significantly decrease, and it would be tremendously difficult to refill these roles by finding other workers, not to mention the domino effect that could occur with other states also losing deported workers resulting in a widespread loss in food production.

Indeed, immigration employment is a necessity to this country, and something that needs to continue. It allows our country to prosper greatly economically in food production providing supplies and food for many people who have no idea what work goes into delivering the product to one’s table.

Someone had to pick that orange, grape, spinach and walnut you eat almost on a daily basis, and those people need to stay in this country. Sure, they broke the law by entering this country without the right procedure or method or stayed past what their visa allows, and sure, they absolutely did go against country policy, but how we will make up for the hole created by mass deportation? We need these workers just as much as they need us.