The D.P. Culp University Center auditorium was decorated with colorful balloons around each corner of the stage and a large sign that said “The Office of Multicultural Affairs Multicultural Showcase” as students from around the world showcased different aspects of their cultures.

“The multicultural showcase was formed because it moved from minority services to multicultural affairs,” Tedra Bennett said. “Then we had all these students from international countries that weren’t given much attention or an avenue to showcase their things. So we kind of wanted to acclimate the campus community to different diversities that we have here on campus.”

Different cultures from around the world came together in a showcase that took place on April 15 at 7 p.m. Bennett said that the Multicultural Showcase started 15 years ago and that it took a lot of planning to form the event.

“Especially trying to work with the students schedules,” Bennett said. “Finding and identifying the different countries and insuring that they can find different attires and find time to work on their routines. It took a while, since last semester.”

To find the students, Bennett said the office of Multicultural Affairs sent out an email to the students asking them to sign up if they wanted to participate in the event. The event consisted of demonstrations of dances from different cultures and a fashion showcase. One of the students that agreed to participate was Yuxi Shen, who danced with a sword.

“It’s a traditional Chinese War Dance,” Shen said. “When I was in my previous school I joined the Chinese Kung Fu Association and this is just a kind of weapon and we practiced everyday, and so I just learned from that.”

Shen said that she hoped people would learn more about the Chinese culture after the showcase.

“I want people to see our costumes and our types of dance and music,” Shen said.

Bennett said that her favorite part of the evening was watching everything.

“I loved it all to be honest,” Bennett said. “I especially loved the entrance with all of the countries coming in. It looked so beautiful and it was just so pleasant. It was gratifying for me to see everybody come in and work together in unity.”