The Bucs came into the SoCon Tournament winners of three of their last four matches to end the regular season. They ended the regular season 7-0 in conference matches securing the No.1 seed. The SoCon championship was hosted in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In the opening round, the Bucs face The Citadel, who came in as the No.8 seed. Sergi Fontcuberta (Barcelona, Spain) started singles play as the No.3 spot he won both sets six to two.

The Bucs continued their success as Robert Herrera (Barcelona, Spain) in the singles No.1 spot won both his sets as well. In the first set, Herrera won six to one and he followed that up winning six to two in the second set. At the No.6 singles spot Miguel Este (Caracas, Venezuela) finished things off winning the first set six to two and the second set six to one. Three singles matches went unfinished.

The Bucs won two of their doubles matches with a combined score of 12 to two with one match going unfinished. The Bucs defeated The Citadel 4-0 to advance them to face No.5 seed Samford for a chance to reach the conference championship once again.

Herrera started things off dominating winning both sets 6-1. Este followed his lead winning his first set six to one and closing up the second set 6-3. Fontcuberta closed things up for the Bucs in singles play winning both sets six to three.

After securing both wins in doubles the Bucs defeated Samford to advance to the conference championship. Earlier in the season, the Bucs defeated Furman five to two.

In singles play at the No.2 spot Juan Lugo (Maracay, Venezuela) started things off right for the Bucs as he won the first set six to four and second set six to two.

The Bucs went on to win four out of the six singles matches. In doubles, the Bucs won two out of the three doubles matches.

With the win, the Bucs secure the SoCon Championship once again.