College is a time not only to be educated in a major and specialty, but it’s a place to grow up in understanding how the world works and the funds needed to sustain oneself. Too many times students come into college and do not get a job even with having an assortment of time able to work. Instead they choose to rely on their parent’s money to pay for everything they do.


Truly, life is much more complex than anything you can solely learn in a textbook. In college a person must learn the practical ways in which the world functions with the result that when the get out they will be able to provide for themselves due to the practical as well as academic skills they have acquired. Wholly, it is better for college students to learn to be paying their own way for at least a part of their day to day activities as well as possibly their educational. Indeed this will lead to a growth and understanding of how life really is.


The last thing a college student needs is the second they get out of school to be blindsided by all the responsibilities of an adult before even being given a fraction of responsibility. Of course, it is always better for a person learning how to pay for oneself with money to do so gradually rather than it all coming on oneself at one time, which is why parents should be teaching their kids early how to save, finance and properly spend. For the food you eat, gas you use to drive, and additionally things you need, at this point, we, students, should be paying for at least a portion of these expenses.


A simple step in the right direction would be to start a job and begin paying for a few basic necessities that cost the least amount of money such as food and gas. Even taking this small step could help you out in the long run. Consider paying for a portion of what you need from day to day.