It is important that in this current self-centered, individualistic America we learn to put ourselves into the shoes of others. There are too many people in this country not able to afford healthcare –a basic, fundamental human right. Recently, due to revisions in the healthcare system by the Trump administration, many individuals are now more susceptible to discrimination based on a variety of factors.

Trump is actively destroying many individual health care rights that protect LGBTQ+ patients and others with the result of more discrimination and injustice coming into an already defaced medical system.

Many stories have come from patients being refused medication, treatment or even simple checkups simply because of their gender identity or other stereotypical ideals. Additionally, this discrimination is not only affecting those identifying as gay, lesbian, or transgender, but this corruption is also extending its reach to people of a variety of religions, races and ethnicity.

The Affordable Care Act, known widely as Obamacare, is surely becoming completely defaced and devalued due to Trump’s commitment to destroy the system. Obamacare, even in the presidency of Obama, was by no means a completely infallible system; however, the way to fix this incomplete and flawed network is not by bringing revision with the intent of destroying something so many Americans heavily rely upon.

A person should not have to worry about whether they will be treated properly and fairly in a medical setting. This is cruel, harsh and completely unneeded. Truly, the way to fix healthcare is not to gradually take it away from more people, especially from those who need aid the most.

As a country trying to benefit the economy and continually extend our reach to aid others, we should certainly not dim its confines, but instead we should try to extend healthcare outward.

All people deserve the right to be respected fairly and equally in medical treatment regardless of what they believe or how they identify.