In a state where most athletic stores are swathed in orange and white, Alumni Hall offers ETSU students and the Johnson City community a chance to express their Buccaneer pride.

A new Alumni Hall location opened earlier this month, right across the street from ETSU’s campus. This store is groundbreaking on multiple levels. It’s the only Alumni Hall store to be completely dedicated to selling ETSU merchandise. It’s also the only store in the area that solely sells ETSU apparel.

Barbara Mason, the trademark and licensing manager for ETSU, was pivotal in bringing the store so close to campus. Every single ETSU-branded item goes through her before being sold. When an Alumni Hall location opened in Bristol, she partnered with them to test ETSU products in-store. She saw the products’ success and knew Alumni Hall needed a Johnson City location.

Getting the store to come closer to home turned out to be a two-year process. Eventually, “prime real estate” opened beside First Watch, right across from the school and beside a busy intersection. Mason took her chance. Now, a new Alumni Hall stands there, polished and proud.

The store sells everything from sweatshirts, clear bags for football games and tiny blue-and-gold clad Hello Kitty keychains. Mason proudly explained that the store has something for every ETSU shopper. The store strives to bring high-quality items and price points for everyone. Alumni Hall is partnered with brands like Columbia, Nike and Tommy Bahama.

All the merchandise sold at Alumni Hall stores is officially licensed.

“I hope it will build pride,” said Mason.

Mason commented that the renovation to the Culp has made the bookstore more difficult to reach, but she hopes that Alumni Hall’s easily accessible location will make it a hit with students and faculty alike. Mason said that she “couldn’t be happier” with the partnership.

With an ETSU ID, students and staff get 10% off purchases made at the store.

Alumni Hall is located at 1120 W. State of Franklin Road. For more information, visit their website or call 423-328-9149.