Attention, football fans: ETSU’s first game and tailgate of the season are right around the corner.

ETSU’s first game and tailgate will be taking place on Sept. 1.

The tailgate, which is an outdoor social gathering before a sporting event that usually takes place in a parking lot, will start at 8 a.m.

“Tailgating is an organic gathering of fans and friends prior to football games and is not planned by any one group,” said Assistant Director of Student Activities Carter Warden.

Football tailgating has become a recent tradition for ETSU due to the return of the football team in 2015.

“For the first two years, the tailgate took place where ETSU played their games, in the parking lots at Kermit Tipton Stadium at Science Hill High School,” he said.

With football home games now taking place in the new football stadium as of last season, tailgates are happening on campus.

“Athletics has provided a number of parking spaces in a location where activities and events will be happening on game days,” said Warden.

Because there are only 50 tailgating spots available, student groups will have the opportunity to select a spot by reserving online or by coming to the Student Organization Resource Center to make a reservation.

“Once a parking pass is obtained, groups can invite friends, gather supplies (like canopies, chairs, food items, etc.) and plan to set up any time prior to the game,” said Warden.

Organizations will be able to select a parking spot for tailgating on the Monday before each home game. There are a total of six home games that will take place.

Buctainment, ETSU Athletics and the National Alumni Association will provide entertainment for the first home game.

During the first home game, there will be two live bands, 7 Mile Mushroom and Sterling Spring, performing from 3-5 p.m. in Lot 21, which is located near the parking garage on campus.

Warden believes that participating in the tailgate is a great way for ETSU fans to connect with each other.

“The purpose of tailgating is to allow all ETSU football fans to express their excitement and pride for the ETSU team and to enjoy the large community of fans,” said Warden.

For more information on the tailgating guidelines, visit the ETSU Athletics webpage at